The benefit of Odoo ERP software for hospitality : 

As there is increasing competition in the market, hence every business irrespective of size and industry requires  an ERP system  that helps in easy handling and monitoring of the company data, transactions, payrolls, etc thereby making the functioning of the hotel faster and smooth. It further helps hotels improve areas such as services, customer care, records, and documentation of various data by providing the following benefits-

  • Built-in guest history –  The software helps in maintaining the customer’s record by editing, organizing, and saving it from anywhere at any time of the day thereby providing security and associability of the data provided by the company.
  • Boost efficiency –  The ERP software provides real-time information about the available rooms and tables thereby allowing customers to perform booking without waiting for a longer period. It further provides information based on the customer related to orders, services reservation of tables, etc thereby increasing the efficacy of the hotel.
  • Better supervision –  The software provided by planet Odoo services monitor the processes through a single system that are being carried out in the hotel which includes orders, room service, services status, and activities being carried out by customers thereby improving the working efficacy of the hotel employee.
  • Housekeeping management –  The  Odoo ERP software  helps the housekeeping team in scheduling their work like drycleaning, room cleaning based on the records, details of customers, duration of customer stay in a hotel, and many more.
  • Flexibility –  It provides modules that help the growth of the business by easily managing HR management, payrolls, leaves, and other things by simplifying the complicated and lengthy process.