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Bar / Restaurant Management Software | Restaurant POS Systems

A Bar / Restaurant Management System helps in converting the task of restaurant management into a flawless and hassle-free profession. A flourishing, profitable, and growing Bar / restaurant management business needs smart and efficient restaurant software to show the actual potential of the best business executions and standards.

With Odoo Bar / Restaurant Management Software, Bar / Restaurant Management has become much simpler and easier. Odoo Restaurant POS system acts as a robust and comprehensive tool for managing every Restaurant/Food Court/Coffee Shop needs.

Odoo Bar / Restaurant Management System encompasses a simple, independent, and user-friendly interface with Product/Menu Management Options, Table and Floor Management Facility, Quick billing, Online ordering facility, Offline Support, Invoice generation, hence making it the finest POS system or ERP for restaurants. Odoo Restaurant Software is compatible with various hardware including, Barcode Scanner, Swiping machine, and Cash drawer box.

Integration/Consolidation of Inventory and Accounts modules makes this Odoo Bar / Restaurant Software, the best accounting software, and POS system for bar/ restaurants. It can also act as an efficient restaurant billing software with its billing features. Odoo Bar / Restaurant POS system allows you to make the most suitable decisions on matters like food combinations, menu items, sales targets, etc.

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Odoo Bar / Restaurant Management System

Table management

Floor Management

Order line notes

Bill printing before payment

Kitchen order printer

Bill splitting

Tips intergration

Customer table transfer

Additional order register

Use fiscal positions in POS

Odoo Bar / POS Systems

 Multiple countries                 Offline report

 Multiple user session           Cash control

  Barcode support                  Product categories

 Attractive user interface       Virtual Keyboard

 Large Scrollbar                       Taxes

 Included/Excluded tax          Item wise/Global discount

 Price List                                  Loyalty program

 Price modification control   Multiple payment terms

  Card reader support             Direct invoicing

 Connected to inventory         Multi-order Processing

 Search product                       Sale detail report

Odoo Bar / Restaurant Inventory Management System

Multi-Warehouse                     Multi-Location

Package managing                 Barcode support

Batch picking                            Landed cost

Advance Scheduling                Inventory adjustment

Preordering rules                      Inventory valuation

Scrapping                                   Shipping connectors

Product variants                       Multiple units of measure

Lot & Serial number tracking  Expiry date

Stock forecasting                     Product category

Various product descriptions Run Scheduler

Stock removal strategy             Product types

Odoo Bar / Restaurant Purchase Management System

Purchase agreement

Request for quotation

Purchase order

Order approval

Vendor warning

Drop shipping


Lock purchase order

Enterprise list

    Odoo Bar / Restaurant Manufacturing Management System

    Create Bills of Materials

    Variants BOM Management


    Manage semi-finished products

    Quality Control

    Alternative Work Centers

    Subcontract your Manufacturing

    Use the Master Production Schedule

    Odoo Bar / Restaurant Accounting and Invoicing

    Getting started                    

    Account receivables

    Account payables              

    Bank and cash



    Odoo Bar / Restaurant - Other Functions

    Fiscal localizations                            CRM                

    Subscriptions                                      Rental     

    Website                                                eCommerce

    Live Chat                                               Marketing Automation

    SMS Marketing                                   Surveys

    Project (event management)           Timesheets

    Field Service                                        Helpdesk