Property Management System

Manage Your Property Effectively

Sell-able property -  Set the number of installments on the property price for buyer.

Create invoices -  Create number of invoices from selected number of installments.

Rental property - Create contract u sing tenant's time period, create the contract.

Contract details -  See expired or active contract by the property wise.

Create invoice for tenant -  When contract is created then the Tenant's history will automatically created. When clicked on the invoice button, it creates the invoice for the tenant.

Near by Completion Contract Report -  Create report in a single click for tenancy contract expiry dates.

Property Invoice Analysis -  Create report of property invoices either rent or sale.

Property Management system for Real Estate

Manage Your Property -  Odoo Property Management System will help you to manage your real estate portfolio with Property valuation, Maintenance, Insurance, Utilities and Rent management with reminders for each KPIs. ODOO’s easy to use Content management system help you to display available property on website with its gallery and other details to reach easily to end users. With the help of inbuilt Business Intelligence system it will be more easy to get various analytical reports and take strategical decisions.

Manage Your Tenant

Odoo Property Management System will help you to manage your tenant.Tenant detail allows the user to create tenant and maintain their details into the system. Here user can generate the tenant and log the necessary information of tenant and their tenancies.

Manage Your Tenancy

Odoo Property Management System will help you to manage your Tenancy. Tenancy will allow the user to create and maintain separate tenancy for each property and through tenancy we can maintain the rent and real time payments. At initial stage, tenancy is in draft state, in order to start the tenancy user has to mention the tenancy period in the contract information.